Angie Mack

Angie Mack started out in a small community circus in Australia before heading to the UK. This highly skilled, creative and captivating hula hooper has been wowing audiences for well over a decade, performing and teaching at a wide array of different events across the globe. She has featured in music videos (including Fatboy Slim), performed on television, at private parties and team building events, as well as projects with community groups, weddings, corporate parties, theatres, festivals and much more.

Angie Mack has a great selection of unique, talented, jaw dropping, high energy performances for the street and stage. They involve giant sized hoops, mini hoops, 50 hoop stacks and the 5 hoop human tower. But these are no ordinary hula hoops…they can also come shiny, with LED lights, glow-in-the-dark UV lights and even alight with flames!

In fact, Angie Mack is such a crazy hula hooper that if she were to straighten all her hula hoops and put them in a line, it would stretch to just over 1.5km.

Performance Styles

  • Street Shows
  • Walkabouts
  • Workshops
  • Christmas
  • Illuminated

She was a blast! Kids and grown ups alike were loving it.

— Rebecca Stewart, Cambridge Folk Festival