Developed with influences of jazz, yoga and Clockwork Orange, The Stalkers move with slow, sensuous, sculptural power, compelling with their silence and staccato glances.

They play with rhythm, focus and stillness and always seem to be up to some mischief, doubtless involving snuffling your food and drink. Their striking black and white costumes stand out in any crowd, drawing the eye with their playful and quirky behaviour. Great for Halloween events 

Available with up to 5 characters.


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The Stalkers

by An Act Above

Performance Styles

  • Walkabouts
  • Stilts

Act Info

  • Non Verbal Performance
  • Halloween Themed Act

'Just a quick note to say thank you all so much for your hard work at the V&A last Thursday – the client was really delighted with all the entertainment and was thrilled by the show. It's such a pleasure to work with you all and your performances are always so well received by our clients and their guests.'

— Susannah Parker, Private Drama

'You're all beautiful, funny, clever, quirky and sexy too’

— Audience member, Winchester Hat Fair