Enter into the arboreal world of our beautiful quad stilt characters ‘Treeo’, draped in the colours of spring and summer with robust, blousy blooms of vibrant hues and scented eloquence.

Quintessentially English country garden brought to life, will you discover our enchanted tree creatures hiding in plain sight?

You could find them creating a living arch for you to walk through, or casually draped against a backdrop or hidden amongst tree branches. They create a sense of wonder and provide a unique and beguiling photo opportunity.

Strong characters, beautiful make-up and stunning costumes combined with an extremely high skill level make this a walkabout of unparalleled beauty.


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by The Vortexes

Performance Styles

  • Illuminated
  • Walkabouts
  • Stilt Walkers

Act Info

  • Excellent for Environmental Events
  • Suitable for Science Festivals
  • Great for Garden Themed Events