Miranda has rebelled against the usual fate of the Christmas Tree Fairy (being put in a box in the loft for 50 weeks of the year).  She has hijacked a walking tree called Douglas Fir and gone forth to tell the world about the Campaign for Christmas Twice a Year, the need for stout, warm underwear and the reasons why it is so difficult to get fairy shoes nowadays.  

She will happily swap make-up tips with teens, discuss the going rate for teeth with the grown-ups (such nice gals, the tooth fairies) and talk about fairy career opportunities with the little ones. Subtle comedy adapted to each new audience.

A walkabout stilt performance described by one booker as being the most interactive act he had ever booked. Miranda truly engages with everyone she meets and makes them feel special.


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The Runaway Christmas Tree Fairy

by Runaway Christmas Tree Fairy

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  • Christmas

The Runaway Christmas Tree Fairy were well received, looked beautiful & a very happy addition to this year’s event.

— Erin Weaver, Calne Town Council