Celestial Sound Cloud is an interactive digital sound and light sculpture inspired by cosmic clouds and nebulas – the clouds of dust and gases in which stars are formed.  Its beautiful mirrored and infinite looping form is suspended elusively and tantalisingly in its environment – stunning by day or night.

The piece provokes the audience of strangers to come together and learn to interact with the sculpture and one another by singing, moving and dancing underneath creating their own visual experience and soundscape.

The piece can be fitted indoors or outdoors in all weathers. It runs from a single 240v power supply with a simple on/off switch.


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Celestial Sound Cloud

by Pif-Paf

Performance Styles

  • Music
  • Installations

Act Info

  • Suitable for Science Festivals

It's just stunningly beautiful, like something out of a fairyland

— Audience member Wholly Hat Fair