Out of the mist, Uncle Doom appears majestically from the distance, gliding along on his Organ of Doom. His menacing menagerie of eerie tunes ooze from every orifice. Lost and confused, having been trapped between worlds, his only escape is to recruit as many living beings as possible to join him in song.

Dance along to Thriller or groove on down to Ghost Town. If you meet him you won't be able to resist getting down to his ghoulish beats and sinister serenades.

Perfect for Halloween streets, Musical Ruth’s sinister relative is a surreal inspiration. Catch this creepy comedy walkabout while you can!



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Uncle Doom and his Organ of Gloom

by Matthew Hunt

Performance Styles

  • Walkabouts
  • Music

Act Info

  • Halloween Themed Act
  • Perfect for Parades

Uncle Doom was a huge success as people couldn’t quite believe what they were seeing coming along the High Street, and his interactions with the public were hilarious! I think he may have been the new star of Facebook and Twitter in Weston on Sunday!!!

— Sarah Vincent, Events Officer, North Somerset Council