You can be sure to enjoy these cheery hungry chefs.

These larger than life Michelin starred chefs and their inflated egos are bounding around on big bouncing stilts, using their super sensitive sense of smell to sniff out a new rare delicacy! If you’re lucky they’ll tenderise your shoulders for you with a nice little massage, season you with their giant black crack pepper grinder and garnish you with a little twig of parsley from their mobile herb selection.

A dynamic act, it boasts strong characters with fast witted improvised comedy and a big bounding visual impact for your event space. Perfect entertainment for markets and food festivals.


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The Hungry Chefs

by Joy Magnet

Performance Styles

  • Walkabouts
  • Stilt Walkers

Act Info

  • Fabulous for Food and Drink Festivals

The team were amazing at the weekend and a pleasure to work with – please pass on our praises and gratitude!

— Bethany Lake, Marketing and Events Assistant, Festival Place, Basingstoke