Upside down, revolving, 6 foot tall speed paintings of the iconically famous. Executed with, style, dexterity, attitude and immaculate timing to music.

The screen is blank, the music is playing and Jon will step up to the screen, armed with just a few pots of paint. Within minutes the screen is full of colour and the audience begins to perceive a face. At the last moment he spins the screen to reveal a famous character who is linked to the music.

This is a snappy show with a great finale and a range of famous icons to choose from.


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by Jon Hicks

Performance Styles

  • Street Shows

Act Info

  • Can be Tailored to any Theme
  • Non Verbal Performance

‘Your shows were fabulous and drew large crowds which made a fantastic atmosphere in the town square... thank you very much for your professionalism and hard work.’

— Debbie Robinson, Walsall Streets Alive

‘Your performance is awesome’

— Izumi Hatano, Canal Entertainment Works Co, Japan