An extraordinary, beautiful and funny walkabout puppet act from the Flying Buttresses that draws in crowds wherever it goes.

Hodman Dodmanott and Sally Forth are two tiny adventurers from the country of Oblivia, with a lot on their minds and even more on their backs. Join these elderly amblers as they set out to discover the modern world, meet strange and exciting new people, and search for a decent place to camp!

This is one of the best loved acts around, delighting audiences around the world with its witty improvisation, charming characterisations, and utterly captivating effect. 


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Hodman Dodmanott and Sally Forth

by Flying Buttresses

Performance Styles

  • Walkabouts
  • Puppetry

Act Info

  • Great for Garden Themed Events
  • Historically Themed Act

‘I have to say that the stars were Hodman and Sally. They were delightful and absolutely charmed everyone as well as providing huge entertainment. What a splendidly original and well-produced idea.’

— Michael Major, Cascades Shopping Centre Portsmouth

‘Hodman Dodman and Sally Forth have made many new friends. They are totally adorable and people just fall in love with them. We loved one of the lines Sally came out with when they were approached by a dog … 'Oh you're a very hairy boy dear aren't you - now don't stick your tongue out, it isn't polite’

— Clare Janes, Broxtowe