An elegant and unusual walkabout.

Otherworldly silver characters manipulate crystal balls that glide, float, dance and levitate around their hands, arms, and bodies.
Delightfully mesmeric and elegant they can be booked as ground level crystal ball jugglers or stilt character walkers or both in the same booking

Calvos’ is an exquisite winter-themed walkabout act where performers contact juggle ‘ice crystals’ and stiltwalk in shimmering snow white costumes with silvery faces.

Introducing Calvos Lux The magical, shimmering Calvos Lux Contact Jugglers are now available - enhanced for nighttime, Halloween and Christmas events - with hundreds of bright white LED's embedded within the costumes, hats, and poles.

Options available in both the stilt or ground-based costumes.

Calvos can be booked as a duo, trio or be combined with Halo  or a Flame Oz Fire Show as an ultimate ultra-visual Christmas package.


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by FlameOz

Performance Styles

  • Walkabouts
  • Stilt Walkers
  • Christmas

Act Info

  • Non Verbal Performance

Absolutely stunning! Such surreal elegance and magic. Our clients and funders were charmed and utterly entranced by the characters and want to see it all over again

— J. McCarthy, Outward Bound Professional

‘A scene which created the illusion of a ball levitating through the air of its own accord was simply astonishing’

— Barry Gordon, Edinburgh Evening News