Sir Aurelious Jones, the pirate knight, gathers a crowd and chooses three children from the audience. Having passed three tests and won the Golden Breastplates they accompany Sir Aurelious on a quest to find and tame the beast!

In the Dragons Lair the children meet Epico and must rescue Sir Aurelious from certain death before teaching him how to become friends with the dragon. Having saved his life, the children are knighted before leaving the heroic world transformed. At the end of the show there will be a once in a lifetime opportunity for all to get up close and personal with biggest, brightest & most beautiful creature ever seen. You could make friends...but only if you dare!


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Epico the Dragon

by Creature Encounters

Performance Styles

  • Street Shows
  • Puppetry

Act Info

  • Historically Themed Act

From our feedback it is clear Epico was the highlight of the day.

— Sting in the Tail Festival, Wimborne

Phenomenal and Superb are just two of many superlatives that you can use when you describe Epico the Dragon and working with Creature Encounter at your events! From two extremely professional guys with imagination and drive come two outstanding characters; Epico the Dragon and Sir Aurelious Jones, the former who captivated children into believing that Dragon's really do exist and the later who captured the hearts of many of the ladies present! A 'tour de force' in quality entertainment that made me laugh until tears were rolling down my cheeks! A truly wonderful and amazing act, that I would recommend without reservation.

— Rob Butler, Managing Director at Historical Productions