A troupe of totally stunning acrobats from Tanzania, now based in the UK. Set to lively African music, the show progresses through a series of powerful and graceful acrobatic, circus and dance routines. 

A high impact, joyful show that will have people gasping in amazement. Very highly recommended.

They will have people gasping in amazement with their bones costumes especially for Halloween.  

This act normally goes out as a trio but up to five acrobats are available for larger performance spaces.


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Black Eagles

by Black Eagles

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  • Non Verbal Performance

‘They were very good; we had the odd fair maiden faint with the pelvic thrusts. Tell the guys they did a great job.’

— Nick Turner, Mansfield Town Centre Manager

‘The best opening to the festival we have ever had’

— Kiaran Hall, Bromley Arts and Entertainments Festival