Our poor friend Robin Redbreast is being chased by the evil Snow Queen.

She roams around in pursuit of Robin in her amazing and surprisingly efficient Snowman drawn chariot, trying to woo, charm and lure the audience in to telling her just whereabouts he is! After some panto inspired ‘he’s behind you!’ and plenty of encouragement to boo and hiss the wicked, villainous queen (as if encouragement was needed!) will she successfully trap our feathered friend, or will it be one of you who is captured?


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by Bell and Bullock

Performance Styles

  • Christmas

Bell and Bullock are a fantastical duo that keeps audiences of all ages amused, inspired and captivated. The creative concepts, costumes, personalities and performances are unique and inventive. They are also both professional and dependable

— Joanne Michelle Burke, Arts Development Officer, South East Northumberland.