The Bonkers Balloon Show is a completely off the wall, unique show filled with comedy, circus fun, music, magic and lots and lots of balloons. A simple balloon gets turned into an alien, a helicopter and an air guitar, audience members are transformed into balloon creatures in front of your very eyes, and a magic trick makes a balloon appear from nowhere. 

You might learn a thing or two about the scientific phenomenon that is static electricity or centripetal force and if you are really lucky you will learn how to make a balloon dog. To top it all off you can take part in an amazing balloon party which is just like a giant game of keepy uppy, but watch out for the alien snake from outer space!

With music ranging from Queen, 5ive and the Bahar men to John Williams, Tchaikovsky and Oingo Boingo, this is a crazy, fast tempo feast of a show.

Also available as the highly interactive and popular Bonkers Science show full of spills, thrills, pops and bangs.  


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Bonkers Balloon Show

by Balloonatic

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  • Suitable for Science Festivals

Please could you also pass on our thanks to the lovely ladies for their fantastic performances at the Mayor's Newham Show.

— Charlotte Johnson, Newham Council

'Exactly what we wanted, perfect'

— Event organiser, Summerfest, Abu Dhabi