New Ways to Perform

11 months ago

New Ways to Perform Fools Paradise

New Ways to Perform 

2020 was, of course, a year like no other. The pandemic caused customary opportunities to perform to vanish overnight and left a devastated events industry in its wake.

However, creativity will out and over the course of 2020, performers and event organisers amazed us with the original and creative ways they found to bring live performance safely to communities. We are proud to have been involved in many of these events and to have learnt some new ways of working. Here are some examples.


Doorstep performances and Street Corner Theatre 

We have seen some wonderful and successful examples where performances have taken place on people's doorstep or at a street corner.  These performances bring theatre to people rather than asking them to congregate in town squares or parks. 

Performers have taken the initiative to use their talents and equipment to animate their own areas and bring laughter and inspiration to their home streets. We now have a wide range of acts who are set up to bring roving and doorstep performances to residential areas enabling people to watch safely from their own front doors.

The reaction from the public has been unanimous.  There is huge need for communities to connect and come together now and this is one way to make that happen safely.

Happy Heart Bike and Elton Wrong. Fools Paradise

Elton Wrong and Happy Heart Bike

Socially Distanced Performances in Town Centres

As soon as restrictions begin to ease there will once again be the opportunity to animate the streets and parks.  We have already worked with local authorities across the country to present socially distanced walkabouts and have collated a list of walkabouts that can go anywhere and work safely.  All our acts have reviewed the way they perform in the light of COVID-19 so they go above and beyond to ensure a safe and fun experience for everyone. 


MarkMark characters Edmund and Hilary in masks

MarkMark characters Edmund and Hilary in masks


Social Distance Marshalls

Several local authorities have used walkabout character acts as Social Distance Marshalls in markets and town centres.  They gently but firmly remind people about the regulations in a comic style, adding extra PPE to their costumes and remaining in character throughout. It works a treat as a joyful way to keep people that little bit safer and more aware.


Swank with Socially Distanced Girl Guides Walkabout act. Fools Paradise

Socially Distanced Girl Guide 'Marshalls' Walkabout Act.


Arts Trails and Live Interactive Art Installations

Our visual art workshop facilitators have also come up with the creative goods 

Urban Canvas have adapted their pavement art workshops to produce socially distanced areas, where individuals, families or bubbles can safely indulge in the therapeutic nature of art.

Scott Walker dismantled his Pentagon into separate boards placed several metres apart, creating a (free) ticketing system for bubbles to work on their own board.

In both cases equipment was, of course, thoroughly cleaned between each use

Scott also created shop window trails. Large posters are individually commissioned with the local authority logo and letters spelling out something positive such as Better Days Ahead. A QR code was added so that participants could find and scan all the letters to win prizes.  Black and white A4 versions of the posters are available free at local shops for children to colour in.


Scott Walker, Socially Distanced Art Boards

Scott Walker, Socially Distanced Art Boards


Book Local

2020 led to an increase in hyper-local performances with artists taking opportunities to engage with communities in their own areas, uniting people through live performance   

Our acts are based all over the country and we can help you to book local with an added side benefit of reducing travel and hotel costs.

Sparky the Robot

Sparky the Robot

Bespoke videos / online parties /hosting

Our acts specialise in live performance but we have responded to requests for help with events where real life performance is simply not feasible. Our professional comperes and performers with strong verbal comedy and improvisation skills are very successful at hosting online events such as staff parties or team-building days.


And so …..

To sum up, we have seen so much creativity from event organisers devising new ways of getting live performance out to residential neighbourhoods. From parading acts to open topped buses with performers on board there are so many possibilities out there.  If you have an idea, please do call us to discuss. As ever, it would be lovely to hear from you.


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