Eastleigh Unwrapped

16 months ago

The event Eastleigh Unwrapped sits at the heart of The Point Eastleigh's Summer Social - connecting the residents of Eastleigh and beyond with the best outdoor artists from the UK and further afield.

This year they asked audiences to join them through their website and social media channels to celebrate together and re-imagine what's possible without being in the same space!

Watch our very own performers showing us a variety of skills and life hacks!


Fairly Famous Family give you a lesson in Barn Dancing!

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Too much clutter in your workshop? Desk overflowing with unfinished business?

Luckily, The Flying Buttresses have invented a neat way to increase your productivity with their ingenious, self-tidying table that forces you to finish your projects in a timely fashion.
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There are plenty more videos if you visit their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/EastleighUnwrapped/