Ramshacklicious Theatre

Ramshacklicious Theatre Company specialise in using traditional street theatre forms to create contemporary theatrical experiences for the outdoors. 

Founded in 2006, the company aims to create work that is accessible and yet subversive.

They are highly skilled in integrating live music, theatre, clown, puppetry, pyrotechnics and innovative design to create shows that take unsuspecting audiences on anarchic journeys into the unexpected.

Over the last 10 years they have created seven outdoor touring shows of various scales from an intimate one man walkabout performed by an overgrown man boy, to an epic reinterpretation of Punch and Judy, set in a life size exploding burger van with a makeshift-haphazard-shack balanced on top.

Ramshacklicious’ artistic director Jack Stoddart started out with an upbringing in a tented touring circus/theatre family, where he used to perform as a juggler, unicyclist, clown, acrobat and musician.

Nowadays Jack is a physical performer, clown, musician, musical director, ex-acrobat, producer, truck driver, food lover, daydreamer and a dad. A lot of these skills he uses with Ramshacklicious.

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