A shed load of ideas

Earnest companions, overalls, invention, a pet cat, a cup of tea, ramshackle engineering, precise timing and a catapult of faith in this creatively funny, chain reaction of a show
A Heath Robinson/Rube Goldberg-esque contraption assembled by two, 'earnest', non-speaking, workmen, using items taken out of a garden shed. With a roof opening, cat flinging finale.
A significant piece of work,that can dominate a street, with elements of the amateur tinkerer, steam engine enthusiasts, the Mousetrap game, the Englishman's obsession with a tea break.

This show has a gently funny build, classic visual clowning, a subtle narrative and slowly developing tension, with an impressive climax involving the oversized chain reaction machine and a big finish that brings whoops of applause from any audience.


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by Haywood Hix

Performance Styles

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Act Info

  • Great for Garden Themed Events
  • Non Verbal Performance

Works starts as a charming showcase of tinkering and antics and evolves into full blown backyard engineering, presented by two very clever street artists (Haywood and Hicks) and their shed full of tricks. Our audiences adored this show.

— Ruth Oakley Head of Outdoor Events and Participation - City of London Festival

We really enjoyed having you guys here as part of Norfolk & Norwich Festival and ‘Works’ fitted the family atmosphere of our event perfectly.

— Lizzie Hall Norfolk & Norwich Festival