Arthur is an efficient and service driven usher with high expectations. He has incredibly high standards and expects his surroundings to be immaculate, including (and especially) any nearby people.

He'll clean anything and anyone with meticulous attention to detail. Arthur may be a stickler for hygiene, but he's got a kind and incredibly sweet side too. Be warned – you may already think you're clean, but Arthur will make sure that you're spotless!

Arthur is a well-travelled old soul and has inspected and scrubbed all manner of audiences (particularly people waiting in queues) all over Europe. Originally created to be an usher for the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester, Arthur has become a well known face in the cleanliness community.

Arthur is getting a bit old, but can still walkabout at any event up to three times a day for 30 minutes each time.

Safe & Accessible

This act, along with every other act on our website, is expert in adapting to a variety of performance settings, including during the constrictions of the ongoing COVID 19 Pandemic.

The performances will be tailored to the event and location to ensure that all interactions are socially distanced without compromising the joy and spectacle.


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Arthur the Usher

by Frolicked

Performance Styles

  • Walkabouts
  • Puppetry

Act Info

  • Fabulous for Food and Drink Festivals
  • Non Verbal Performance
  • Historically Themed Act