Fried Gold Theatre

Launched in 2009, Bristol based Fried Gold Theatre immerses audiences of all ages into an enchanting world of clowning, comedy and physical theatre. Beautiful costumes and props enhance the visual feast, bringing much loved characters and magical story telling alive in a highly aesthetic, engaging and accessible way.

Megan Vaughan-Thomas, Artistic Director, frequently performs with other companies including Wet Picnic, Frenetic Engineering, Circii, and Cirque Delight. Megan was recently invited to Romania to introduce street theatre to an international group of youth leaders. She is learning British Sign Language to make performances more accessible.

Chez Dunford has toured with a wide range of companies and community art projects, performed for the London 2012 Olympics and toured the East Coast of the USA with a horse-drawn theatre tour.

Adam Blake’s clowning and puppetry bring exciting, new elements to Fried Gold. Adam has also performed with Pickled Image, The Original and with Second Hand Dance.

The  hilarious Emma Wellington fled Basingstoke to run away with No Fit State Circus. From the trapeze, she flew to street theatre, working with Circii, Ramshacklicious, Frenetic Engineering, and her own company, Toybox Theatre.