The Acro Chefs make the impossible possible with their crazy experiments.

Using a variety of physical skills, they demonstrate to children that food can be fun whilst  getting their restaurant ready to open and preparing a mad soup and dessert. 

Jordan is an eccentric scientist and a black belt in the art of fruit and veggies. Together with his apprentice Marcelo they create an experiment that will change forever the Universal Law of Gravity:  can you eat three apples as they are being juggled in the air?  Then take a look at their bumbling attempts to turn water into milk or coffee.

Physical comedy and slapstick at its best. Available for shows and walkabouts.

Safe & Accessible

This act, along with every other act on our website, is expert in adapting to a variety of performance settings, including during the constrictions of the ongoing COVID 19 Pandemic.

The performances will be tailored to the event and location to ensure that all interactions are socially distanced without compromising the joy and spectacle.


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The Acro Chefs

by De Ramos

Performance Styles

  • Walkabouts
  • Shows

Act Info

  • Fabulous for Food and Drink Festivals

De Ramos got a wonderful response on Saturday and were lovely to work with [...] the audience loved it!

— Helen Jones, Burnley Borough Council