Four mountain gorillas and their comic intrepid explorer. The Gorillas look and behave like real mountain gorillas, which the general public find fascinating. The explorer imparts valuable information to the public concerning the gorillas' habitat. As the mountain gorilla is almost extinct, this act is not just entertaining but, just as importantly, also informative.

Gorilla characters are: The Silverback - 600 pounds of prime, dominant male. The Female - flea pickin’, pit scratchin’, hen pecking, lovin’ mother. The Juveniles - two furry balls of cute, cuddly mayhem. 

Safe & Accessible

This act, along with every other act on our website, is expert in adapting to a variety of performance settings, including during the constrictions of the ongoing COVID 19 Pandemic.

The performances will be tailored to the event and location to ensure that all interactions are socially distanced without compromising the joy and spectacle.


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The Gorillas

by Creature Feature

Performance Styles

  • Walkabouts

Act Info

  • Excellent for Environmental Events

Can I just say how well received The Gorilla’s have been. All of the staff even shed a tear when it was their last day so that’s how nice and fabulous they were. All of the visitors absolutely loved them and they have been an absolute asset to our summer programme. It’s wonderful people like the Gorilla’s who make everlasting memories for families and they also learn about the effects we have on the environment and how we can help save these wonderful creatures. Our Director and Head Gardener watched the show and absolutely loved it

— Nicola Davidson, Event Officer, Alnwick Garden

We had a fantastic day with the Gorillas they were brilliant and just what we wanted. We love you all at Fools Paradise and the performers are so easy to work with.

— Sarah Hammond Treasure House Education Officer, East Riding