Ostensibly a local radio station broadcasting on 69.9FM, the Bramble FM caravan hosts a surreal and hilarious rock roadshow fronted by Maureen Clarke and Lesley Beauchamp. 

With a thumping soundtrack of world class music provided by their legendary stable of DJs these two architects of idiocy present absurdly popular regular features, eclectic dance moves and in the moment improvisation. Sit back, relax  and be ready to laugh your wellies off !


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Bramble FM

by Bramble FM

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A friend highly recommended them but I totally forgot until I stumbled across them on Sunday afternoon. They were hilarious, wish I'd remembered about them earlier.

— Audience member

Utter genius. I think they had a year or two off, but so glad they were back as mad as ever. I spent an hour or so on two afternoons watching them. Hammer time, the Bramble FM hole, the "guess the number" competition - all brilliant, and all scarily like local radio stations I have heard.

— Ancient-one on Festivals Forum