Bramble FM

Bramble FM is brought to you by Flick Ferdinando and James Chaplin.

When Flick Ferdinando isn't gadding about the country directing indoor and outdoor Circus and Devised Theatre shows, she is working hard performing her own character comedy idiocy.  She performs the renowned solo show 'Horse' as her alter ego Felicity Mounsey Heynsham and her lesser renowned show 'The Caroline Carter Show' as her other alter ego Caroline Carter.
She has the utmost pleasure to work as Performance Director with the devising company And Now: and also teaches Character and Physical Theatre at Rose Bruford Drama School.

Momentarily distracted from a burgeoning career as a cabinet maker when he offered to make some costumes for a friend, James Chaplin was drawn into the world of street theatre. He spent ten years as one half of the Strangelings touring living statues, comedy walkabouts and static shows. He has performed in Budapest and Bromsgrove, Chong Ching and Chelmsford, and has slept in too many vans.
After being sent to the Antarctic on a cruise ship dressed as Captain Scott he decided to retire as he was no longer sure whether life was imitating art or vice versa.
He now lives in France and likes to goad his neighbours with bottles of Piat D'Or placed provocatively in his windows.  He puts all his performance energy into Bramble FM and really needs some gigs to update his wood working machinery.

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