The Lost Grannies is an interactive tragi-comic walkabout performance. Small in scale but with a big impact, your public spaces are interrupted by two colourful old ladies, disorientated and in need of assistance.

Arresting visual imagery and full-mask choreography animate the roaming grannies as they accost passers-by, looking for their home...or somewhere to make a new one...

Navigating busy streets, engaging incidental audiences in direction-deducing, good-old-times-reminiscing, pavement-dancing, the inquisitive grannies are easily distracted from their quest by any passing activity they find.

Audiences are drawn in by the nostalgically comic duo as they attempt domestic routines in public locations and charm you into helping them.

Tackling issues of care for the elderly, community support systems and ageing populations, the Lost Grannies playfully raises ideas around our personal response to old people, bringing questions of preconception and overpopulation onto the streets in a dynamic, immediate way.



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Lost Grannies

by BeautifulMess

Performance Styles

  • Walkabouts
  • Puppetry