Bang On!

Bang On! are Katie, Dave, and a giant home-made drum kit. Funky beats, rhythmic treats, silliness and humour abound in this family show which is just as much fun wherever it is performed.

Dave and Katie met on a music degree course, where Katie wrote a percussion piece to be played on junk. Using his previous experience as a dustman, Dave acquired the junk.

In the past, Katie has worked with Jamie Cullum, Robyn and other chart toppers. Dave has worked with Mick, 'Stinky' Ron, and other bin droppers.

Their act was honed on the street, busking wherever they weren't accosted by Environmental Health. They expanded it into a theatre show, which was a sell-out at Edinburgh Fringe, and workshops for schools and the whole family.

In addition to Bang On!, the pair also perform on actual drums and other percussion, but banging on recycled objects is where they have the most fun!

Performance Styles

  • Shows
  • Music
  • Workshops