Tall tales and ludicrous lies, stories to amaze and entrance! Welcome to the oldest travelling tavern this side of the great river. Welcome to The Hoary Halfling.

Meet Lancelot the Adventurer, a man of unrivalled talent and skill, or so he claims. He will take you on a journey, a quest of kingly proportions, inspiring you with his heroism and impressive sword play. Or maybe he won’t. The bar maid, Esmeralda, has no time for Lotti’s shenanigans and is here to put him firmly in his place. This is her tavern, and she won’t have such ridiculous nonsense here. Listen in awe as stories are woven and stakes raised, or laugh as Lancelot flounders under the harrowing gaze of Esmerelda.

The Hoary Halfling is a family circle show; developed, designed, built and performed by Animystic Productions. The Travelling Tavern is a mobile set, traversed in character, ready to be set up wherever a good story is needed. The show runs approximately 20 minutes and is entirely self contained. With a dash of drama, a pinch of pantomime, Epic* audience participation and all the slapstick you can handle, it is magic for the whole crowd.

*All claims of Epicness, excitement, skill and impressiveness are based on the Adventurers own inflated ego. Actual results may vary, but are always hilarious.


Also available  as 'Festive Tales from the Hoary Hafling' especially for the Christmas season. A street theatre show with new festive stories, each more impressive than the last, to entrance and get you in the spirit. Dark tales and glittering heroes, with enough slapstick shenanigans to entertain on even the coldest days



Image Credit: Nik Palmer, Bedlam Fair. 


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The Hoary Halfling

by Animystic Productions

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  • Historically Themed Act
  • Fabulous for Food and Drink Festivals