Abigail Collins

After a brief stint at The Royal Ballet School, Abi ran away to the Circus Arts.

Abigail Collins performed her first street show in 1995, and has toured widely ever since. Abi has worked extensively in Europe and Australia, and has also performed in Brazil, Colombia and Japan. She can perform her entire show in French, Spanish and Portuguese, and has a smattering of Dutch and German.

In 2008 Abi appeared in the five-star Edinburgh Fringe smash, "The Office Party", and made her West End debut as a guest act in “La Clique” the following year. She has received the CAV “Best Street Performer” award twice (Australia), ARCA “Young Jury Prize” (Spain), MBA “Best Comic Act” (Italy) and two nominations for LCA “Best Variety Act”.

She holds a BA in Theatre Arts and a Masters in Drama Studies and is currently writing two novels. 

Performance Styles

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