Beautifully creative workshops giving the public the chance to help create an armada of floating lanterns that can be used on lakes, canals or any self-contained water feature. Hundreds of them can be made in a single workshop.

Magically lit and launched at dusk, they make a perfect prelude or alternative to fireworks in any season. Lanterns can be colour-themed to match your event and are also great combined with biodegradable sky lanterns, which we can organise.

There is also a non-floating version of this workshop where people can make and take the lanterns home.


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Oriental Water Lanterns

by Urban Canvas

Performance Styles

  • Workshops

Act Info

  • Marvellous for Maritime Events

'Your work was excellent, creatively engaging and safety-wise.'

— Chris Wyatt, South Ribble Borough Council

'You are developing an art form within its own right.'

— Dr Catherine Marcangeli, Art Historian, Paris