Couple No: 69 in ‘Two Left Feet’ ‘You probably have glitter on you already...’

Ostracised by the world of competition ballroom dancing and described by some as "neurotic suburban glitter queens" Couple No: 69, Yvonne and Barry, have toured the world.

'Two left Feet’ is a show built on the richness and versatility of physical comedy, incorporating dance, acrobatics, audience participation and plenty of improvised fun, Expect waggery, wisecracks and witticisms. 

Barry and Yvonne are also charming and bewitching as a cabaret act or reliable hosts or M.C's and can deftly handle any audience in any circumstance


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Two Left Feet

by Stickleback Plasticus

Performance Styles

  • Walkabouts
  • Shows

‘One of my enduring memories of the festival will be of Barry and Yvonne leading an army of people along the prom in New Brighton’

— Francisco Carrasco, Brouhaha International

‘I must say they are thoroughly ‘nice chaps’ (and that includes Yvonne!)’

— Sue Bird, Cheltenham Borough Council