Stickleback Plasticus

Stickleback Plasticus are a small, high impact street theatre company with great performing pedigree. 

For over 25 years they have released high energy, good humoured improvisations and inclusive comic anarchy on streets, festivals, family parties cabarets and celebratory events around the globe, interacting with hugely diverse audiences.

Stickleback create lovable, provocative, well-rounded characters who instigate delightfully ridiculous situations that are both entertaining and also invitations to experience.

They invent humorous interactive performances in which theatre blends and interferes with normality and the real lives of the audience.

Feeding off the unpredictable, Stickleback’s improvised physical and verbal comedy is both engaging 'close up' and intriguing and hilarious from further away. The audience can interact or just enjoy the comedic situations they create at a safe distance!

Performance Styles

  • Shows
  • Puppetry
  • Installations
  • Christmas
  • Walkabouts