Shandy South

Shandy South was born and raised in South London and even as a child he had a natural flair for amusing people. At a young age he knew the performing arts would one day be his destiny. Inspired by the likes of the late great Michael Jackson, Eddie Murphy and Marcel Marceau he  began his career by combining the wonderful genres of visual and verbal comedy, physical theatre and mime with street dance.

Pure dedication and perseverance paid off and the Shandy South Funky Mime Show successfully made its debut at London's famous Covent Garden.

Shandy has since performed in over 20 countries worldwide with his unique performing style and also teaches workshops to inspire young minds. His ability to engage and connect with an audience transcends barriers of language and culture.

As well as being a proud solo artist, Shandy is an avid comic collector and a trained chef. 

Performance Styles

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