Come and meet Tiny, a 125 million years young dinosaur brought to life by the wonders of modern science. You can pet her, you can feed her, you can talk to her in dinosaur language; just make sure you avoid the dreaded Thagomizer or you might end up extinct yourself.

Our dinosaur is accompanied by a paleontologist who presents a lively and informative natural history show in which audiences are encouraged to share their knowledge of dinosaurs and to come up with some scientific theories of their own – comparative anatomy has never been so much fun.

This is an amazing opportunity to get up close & personal with a ‘real live’ dinosaur for the first time since the Cretaceous Era, and to find out a few things about how they lived and why they disappeared.


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Meet the Dinosaur

by Los Kaos

Performance Styles

  • Shows
  • Puppetry

Act Info

  • Excellent for Environmental Events
  • Suitable for Science Festivals

‘Stegosaurus is my FAVOURITE dinosaur!’

— Audience member, London

‘That was AMAZING. I'm going to be a paleontologist when I grow up.’

— Audience member, Manchester