Los Kaos

Based in the Wye Valley woodlands, Los Kaos have been making theatre that bites back for 20 years. 

Using their own particular form of magic, Los Kaos have introduced hundreds of thousands of people to incredible creatures, aliens, dinosaurs, polar bears, stone-age peoples and mad submariners. They have also had the privilege to perform in more weird, exotic or downright random places than they could mention, the highlights of which include their Incredible Creatures making television shows in Montreal with Cirque Du Soleil; roping a polar bear on to the roof of one of the bio-domes at Cornwall's Eden Project and cosying up to the 26m Diplodocus in the central hall of the Natural History Museum with their own juvenile Stegosaurus. 


But the heart of what they do is, and always will be, interactivity. Every Los Kaos show is a journey into the unknown; a world dreamed up as it happens by the performers and the audience together. Their creations are not just to be looked at but to be touched, played with and talked to as they push the soft divide between reality and the imagination. 

Please note: 

Los Kaos will be on a sabbatical for most of 2020 and will not be touring from 01 January-30 September 2020 (unless it is a 5 day consecutive booking)

They will begin taking bookings from 01 October 2020 for the winter season.  Fool’s Paradise will hold a waiting list. Please email us for further information.

Performance Styles

  • Christmas
  • Shows
  • Puppetry
  • Walkabouts