Exception-Elle dance group are an explosive and dynamic duo of female break dancers.  Cheeky and charismatic with a magnificent stage presence they are certainly an exception to the rule.

Exception-Elle are Lauren (Lar) and Olivia. 

Lauren started breakdancing after seeing the New York City breakdancers dancing in the subway in the Big Apple. Since then she has become an influential figure in the hip hop scene. She specialises in breakdancing, but also teaches lyrical contemporary dance and developmental movement.  Lauren’s energetic and charismatic stage presence sets her apart. She has a great sense of fun as well as a physical strength. She loves being able to pass on what she has learnt and continues to develop herself as a performer and teacher.

Olivia was dancing almost before she was walking! Her passion for dance and gymnastics led her to breakdancing, which she found perfectly combined her explosiveness and artistry.  She performed for many years with Just4 Funk who played a key role in inspiring her to become a b-girl and dance teacher.

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