Daemon or Doppelganger

The contemporary “terracotta army” workshop project was started by Shirley Jones who has worked with community arts festivals for more than 30 years. Her experience ranges from booking agent and administration for international touring companies such as Footsbarn Theatre, Mummerandada and many other performers, to event organisation, production & management. Whilst taking a BA in Ceramics she founded Daemon or Doppelganger at Glastonbury Festival in 2001.

The team running the workshops include professional artists, set builders (Danny Hayter, All Scene, All Props), and photographers (Ramona Carraro).

At each subsequent Glastonbury, all the fired figures made during the year are exhibited with their own mini-festival including a pyramid stage, beer tent and toilets, all made to scale. Past events include the BBC Headroom project, Highcross Leicester PR events, WOMAD festival, Exit (Serbia), Bestival and many more.

Performance Styles

  • Workshops