The metamorphosis of a man and a six-foot balloon in an original 30-minute comedy show. Suitable for all age ranges from family audiences to adult evenings.

Bruce Airhead, with a volunteer, uses a voice-activated vacuum cleaner to inflate a six foot balloon. Then to the crowd's disbelief, wearing only brightly coloured lycra shorts and choreographed to music, Bruce slides his toned Australian physique completely inside the balloon. First his head, then his torso until finally the last leg slowly disappears from sight. Once inside, Bruce dances the balloon to a fast changing sequence of music. The crowd finds this hilarious.

Now the explosive finish. On a count down from ten, a sound track kicks in, a confetti cannon shoots through the top of the balloon, the balloon bursts to reveal Bruce Airhead completely dressed as a familiar character! This show is suitable for most venues and events and can be adapted to suit different occasions and themes such as Superman, Sailor, Elvis, James Bond, David Beckham, Halloween monster, circus and other personalities or corporate mascots.



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Bruce Airhead

by Bruce Airhead

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‘Bruce Airhead was amazing as always. The crowd loved the show, adults and children alike… He was also very chatty and easy to please.’

— Geoff Cooper, Kingston Festival

Bruce was a massive success, what and act!

— Jane Wells, First Art