The Bigheads present live political cartoons using current news stories adapted to fit with your audiences and location.

These masked figures have appeared in international media (including the front pages of Le Monde and the Guardian) as well as on Have I Got News For You. Our aim is to amuse, inform and make fun of those who misuse power. We are very happy to discuss what is appropriate to your setting. There are currently four pieces on offer (but we can discuss creating another). They are: 

The Climate Criminals – some of the worst of those who are destroying the climate, being led away to prison by guards who can explain why they are included. Suitable for your well- informed, green-themed festival. 

The Space Cowboys – the billionaires Branson, Bezos and Musk display their prowess astride their rockets – a mash-up of Burlesque, country dancing, childs’ play and satire.

The Cabinet Counter-Protest – for balance, these familiar figures from the current government declare their interests and intentions and revealing behaviour not normally seen. Their messages are promptly adapted to the issues of that day. 

Royal Ties – new for 2023! perfect for your Coronation events, have a live real Royal visit from his Majesty accompanied by squabbling heir and spare,  respectfully presented in a style of your choice. Ribbons cut, children patted, the Walkabout of walkabouts. Condescension guaranteed.


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The Bigheads

by Bim Mason

Performance Styles

  • Walkabouts
  • Puppetry

Act Info

  • Excellent for Environmental Events