BeautifulMess create interactive, socially-relevant, celebratory shows in public places.

We inhabit unlikely spaces, re-imagine discarded things and listen to neglected voices. We mix bold design, dynamic physicality and multi-sensory images into silly, surreal synergies of shared and significant stories.

Live music, contemporary clown, puppetry, mask and satire combine to create striking and accessible performance which is rooted in public engagement, creating fresh lens’ through which to see our world, balancing farce & poignancy…

Based in Brixton, London, BeautifulMess have been commissioned by the Arts Council (2013-15) to create “fresh, uncensored theatre...truly for EVERYONE” attracting diverse audiences with its “magical, surreal, uplifting, comic, poignant… treat on the street”

BeautifulMess have also been commissioned internationally (India, South Africa) to work in multiple communities creating celebratory, inclusive and site-based performance.

BeautifulMess weave delightful tales that connect people in the now, disrupt our unquestioned notions of ‘truth’ and inspire spontaneous moments of collective creativity and wonder.