Introducing the vertically endowed glam rock sensation! Join the Prince, Purdy and Dook as they blast through your town playing rocking rainbow rocket rhythms.

These glittery guys are a seventies sensation and will soon have the audience singing along, as they tower above everyone in their stilts playing their guitars!

Prince Mint and the Glam Chops are a musical walkabout that never fails to turns heads, and can come with their own PA for an even bigger blast.


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Prince Mint and the Glam Chops

by Artemis

Performance Styles

  • Walkabouts
  • Stilts

Act Info

  • Perfect for Parades
  • Historically Themed Act

‘Artemis were excellent…they are very professional and great to work with. I would definitely use them again; the kids loved them.'

— Nicky Griffiths, Crewe & Nantwich Borough Council