"Une Femme Exposée” is the story of a diva fallen on hard times. After losing her lover, her career and her wealth Katinka finds herself transformed into La Clocharde, a homeless bag lady with one objective; the show must go on!

Acrobatics, 10 hula hoops, a ridiculous ballet on pointe shoes made from traffic cones and audience participation make an engaging and absurdly comic performance. Created by academic, trained dancer and certified lunatic Abigail Collins (Australia/ UK)  "Une Femme Exposée " is street theatre that touches the heart, fires the brain and mercilessly tickles the funny bone.


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Une Femme Exposée

by Abigail Collins

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‘See her’

— Film News UK

‘An absolute star... the highest quality. A pleasure.’

— Angus MacKechnie, National Theatre